AnotherWay. Where home buyers meet home sellers 

AnotherWay is like a dating site for real estate. The simplest way yet for buyers and sellers to find each other and agree on a price (when you think about it, that's about all you want an estate agent for - so why did it get so complicated?).

AnotherWay is getting a final polish before going live. You can add your name below to be kept in the loop.

AnotherWay makes buying so simple
It's how sellers can show you their homes
With their photos
In their own words
You can arrange to visit
Then bid online or make an offer
And that's it! Simple!

5 FAQs

1. What happens once a sale is agreed?

Once you have agreed on a price, unless you're an expert it's time to bring in a solicitor or licenced conveyancer. From that point on it's exactly the same as if an estate agent was involved.

2. Real People?

We verify the ID of all buyers and sellers so everyone knows everyone is genuine. That's now a simple process you can complete online and, once you've done it, you won't need to do it again.

3. Not estate agents?

No, we're not estate agents. The service we provide is just the simplest way ever for buyers and sellers to find each other and then to agree on a price - using AnotherWay's online auction or offer system.

4. What do you need to know?

Step-by-step instructions appear at each stage - although it's really so simple you probably won't need them.

5. Show your friends?

You'd like to know what friends think before you decide?

That's easy. Just hit the "Tell Your Friends" button on the home listing.

You're selling? Finding the right buyer for your home just got simple

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